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HEAL Online Summit 2020 is a gathering of not just great minds, but great hearts. 

This is the one place you can go where a diverse group of people have banded together

to help you through this challenging time with the highest intention to help you Heal, be more Empowered And Learn -

because we truly believe that your healing will help heal the world.


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Together We Heal

It's only been a few months since the pandemic took over the world. This thing that is invisible to our naked eye, has turned our world upside down.


Many lives have been affected. Families are separated. Dreams are shattered. Hearts are broken.


For most of us, we are experiencing the most challenging times in our lifetime. We are all busy navigating this uncharted territory, finding ways to survive, and ease our pains.


This crisis has brought the best and the worst among us.

Here's how

HEAL Online Summit 2020 can help!

We’re giving you all the tools and facets of healing. We've gathered the best among our trusted experts, doctors, healers, and teachers.


To help you learn about techniques, concepts, and processes and open you up to the different choices available on how you can take care of yourself in a better, more holistic way. 


Our hope is that you come out of this summit with a stronger mind, an empowered heart and an indomitable spirit to take more positive action.


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HEAL Online Summit 2020 continues its MISSION

to bring freedom, healing, and empowerment

during the time when the world needs it most.​


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Speakers & Talks at a glance...

We have gathered the best among our trusted experts, doctors, healers, and teachers

to give you all the tools and facets of healing.

Coach Badette Araullo

Dr. Cris Casubha

Christine Dychiao

Didoy Lubaton MD

Patricia Moreno

Josie Pascual-Balderian

Coach Edwin Soriano

Dr. Ian Banzon

Myke Celis

Trixie Esguerra

Julian Malong Amorado, RND

Sha Nacino

Dr. Michele Alignay, RPsy, RGC

Dr. Mae Syko-Young

Coach Ning Barcelo-Tadena

Coach Rezza Custodio-Soriano

Sanaiyah Gurnamal

Carelle Mangaliag-Herrera

Jon Orana

Bro. Bo Sanchez

Bubbles Vega Flores

Dr. Vicki Belo-Kho

Dr. Janelle Custodio-Valdes

Mike House

Thad Mangalino

Dr. Romy Paredes

Rissa Singson-Kawpeng

"Heal yourself,

so your healing can help

heal the world

Coach Ning Barcelo-Tadena 


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  • Healing

    With HEAL Online Summit, you will widen your knowledge on ways to heal and be healthy.

  • Learn from Experts

    You will be introduced to different coaches, teachers, experts and doctors that will help you in your healing journey.

  • Mindset

    You will have a better mindset, resulting to growth and empowerment.

  • Best Life

    You will awaken that part of you that knows there’s more to life than just surviving - that you can live the best and healthiest life for yourself that will bless others.

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Your Summit Host

Meet Coach Ning

Ning Barcelo-Tadena is an Internationally Certified Life and Beauty Coach. 


She has certifications from multiple courses which helped her understand that to heal completely, one must address the whole person – body, heart, mind, and spirit. Having survived 3 major surgeries, she has now adopted a more holistic approach in healing and is living a more intentional and purpose-filled life.


She synergized her expertise in different fields to create her “Empowered Heart Program” that has already blessed thousands and helps participants navigate in this uncertain world FUELLED with their HIGHEST INTENTIONS, rooted in their DEEPEST VALUES to take massive POSITIVE ACTION.

  • Enneagram Executive Coach

  • Intensati Leader

  • Certified NLP Practitioner

  • Medical Intuitive Theta Healer

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